Quality Management
The Project Manager allocated in each of our project is trained in quality management to ensure   high quality work is achieved.

Quality Inspection
Our ongoing works are regularly inspected by our Project Managers to ensure the contractors   achieve quality workmanship and the projects meets our clients expectations within budget and time.

Complaint Procedure
Customer focus is our key goal. Complains from stakeholders are recorded and as part of our   procedure, all complains must be responded to.

Schedule for all projects are monitored to ensure projects are completed in time. The office has   invested in scheduling software which include MS PROJECT and PRIMAVERA.

Quality Measurement
Benefit / cost analysis is one our key tool we use in quality planning and control to lower cost of   projects and increase our clients satisfaction. We also use flowcharting – Ishikawa to analyze   factors linked to particular problems

Standards Procedure
We have well documented contract procedure and standards for the various projects we undertaken which has been guided by our good knowledge and understanding of construction management and law.

We commit ourselves to the gradual improvement of the system of safety management in the projects we undertake by;
:: Aiming at maximum risk reduction, zero injuries and accidents, lowest waste of    working time, equipment and funds.
:: Preventing occupational diseases.
:: Removing fire risks.
:: Monitoring conditions of safety and analyzing the causes of accidents and being ready to alert in case of accident or potential accident.
:: Keeping records of identification of danger, calculation of risk and meeting legal demands.
:: Making our workers and contactors working under our supervision and aware of safety and fire safety by   conducting safety inductions.